If you are establishing a new business or have an existing business that does not have a website then you should consider a website starter pack.

A website starter pack is a basic website that is designed to give you what you need to establish a presence on the internet. More often than not websites will go through multiple revisions before businesses establish what they are trying to achieve with their website. With a website starter pack you can avoid excessive costs and mistakes usually associated with getting established within the online business community.

There are many things that are often overlooked when building a website for the first time and more importantly there is often features integrated in to a website that you or your marketing team may not be aware of or even use in the first couple of times round. Why should you pay for them if you do not use them? The answer is simple, you shouldn’t.

Our website starter pack is designed to provide your business the opportunity to get its presence established online without huge expenses. Why not give it ago. The great thing is with a website is that you can always upgrade and change the site as you need. This is different to a lot of mediums where you will often be stuck with what you have until you decide to spend more money.

The process for setting up a website starter pack is easy & doesn’t require huge amounts of efforts from you as the customer. Have a look below to see what you will receive in this great package.



Get Your Business Online Today
From $899

  • 2 Years Domain Registration for either
    .com, .com.au, .net or .net.au
  • 1 Year Silver Hosting
  • Predefined template from
  • Template Library
  • Content Management system
  • Up to 5 Content pages and
    Contact us page
  • 1/2hr Training

What we need from you

In order for us to build your new website as quickly as possible it is important that we get all the information from you about your website as soon as possible. If you have not mapped out what pages you need a simple site structure should contain at least home, about us, products / services and contact us pages.

All written content to be in Word Doc, Each page to be titled as per menu, Images to be either PDF or JPG for Photos and Logos.